Photos Evacuate the doorstep and the Mosk from street vendors and assign the assignee


01:40 PM

Monday 23 March 2020

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Photography- Farid Qutb:

Brigadier Majid Ahmed, head of the Al-Moski neighborhood, said that the neighborhood’s apparatus managed to evacuate about 40,000 street vendors from Al-Ataba and Al-Mousky during the past period, in implementation of the government’s decision to prevent mixing in the streets and facing crowds among citizens.

Majid Ahmed added, to Masrawy, today, Monday: “All sellers have been removed by speaking in 40,000 sellers, the region is a first-class commercial area and the congestion is very severe in the event that these sellers are on the streets, so they were dealt with in the interest of the citizens’ safety.”

The head of the Al-Moski neighborhood indicated that the current situation will continue until new instructions are issued by the government regarding the emerging Corona virus crisis.

The head of the neighborhood confirmed that all the shops in the neighborhood were obligated to close the decision from seven in the evening until six in the morning: “From 6.30 we start to close the shops and deal with the violators, but most of the people started to abide.”

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