Preventing the fingerprint and the presence of the families of the accused … 4 instructions to the Public Prosecution


08:40 PM

Monday 09 March 2020

Books – Tariq Samir:

The Attorney General, Hamada Al-Sawy, issued a package of instructions to confront the new “Corona” virus emerging inside the premises of the Public Prosecution.

The instructions to the Attorney General came as follows:

Issuing instructions to stop using fingerprint devices to prove attendance and leave at the level of the Republic until further notice.

– Requiring all procuratorates to follow the reports announced by the Ministry of Health regarding the prevention of “Corona” virus in the offices of prosecutors, employees, members’ restrooms, and the sterilization rooms of the accused, if necessary, in coordination with the relevant health directorates and after notifying the Procuracy Department to bear the expenses.

– Reducing the presence of non-accused persons, their attorneys, litigants and witnesses in the offices of the prosecution offices, and preventing the presence of the families of the accused inside.

– To provide masks for the prosecutions that are frequented by foreigners, provided that the employees dealing with them are worn, and the necessary expenditures item sent to each prosecution is provided.

The prosecution’s decisions came from the belief of the Attorney General of the Attorney General of the importance of maintaining the public health safety of prosecutors, employees, and the public dealing with prosecutors, including litigants, citizens, and accused, and in reference to the news circulating about the Corona virus, its symptoms and risks.

The decision of the Public Prosecution

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