Prime Minister: There are no foci of infection in Corona, Egypt, so far, except the Nile boat – Egypt


Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, said that the Egyptian government moved on the ground to follow the paths of foreign tourists, and it proved that the only point of connection between them is a Nile cruise on a tourist boat they met, stressing that there are no foci of corona infection in Egypt so far except the boat Indigo.

The Prime Minister added, in a press conference a little while ago, that the country revealed the hotbeds of infection for the apparent examination of all the tourist group, and the analyzes were conducted for the workers, although it was only two days left after the incubation period.

He pointed out that the disease cases are stable and satisfactory, and that the staff of the tourist boat do not suffer from any symptoms.

He stressed that the Egyptian state deals in the face of Corona in accordance with the procedures of the World Health Organization.

He pointed out that those who mix those cases are examined directly and indirectly.

He stressed that the Egyptian state is working to announce the situation and there is a directive to the Minister of Health to issue a daily statement on the cases, explaining that these reports are distributed to embassies in Egypt and our embassies abroad so that any official daily reports are available in the world in addition to the website launched by the Council of Ministers recently.

He indicated that there is a precise follow-up, minute and hour by hour to work, and he indicated that there is a follow-up to hotels and workers in public and tourist places, and if any cases are suspected, they will be examined immediately and work on treatment if it is found to be infected.

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