Producers of the Ramadan 2020 series, “Bisoto” because of corona … ruined the houses


A case of controversy afflicted those in charge of the Ramadan series and the extent of their attachment to the Ramadan race, in light of the crisis of the spread of Corona virus and the demands of some of the necessity to stop filming so that the virus does not spread and these factors come to threaten the participation of some series in the previous Ramadan.

We monitor some of the dramas that threaten to catch up with the upcoming Ramadan precedent.

And we love another one

Among the most prominent series that have not yet been filmed, and which are threatened by the exit from the Ramadan race 2020, the series “We Love Tani Les”, in which a large group of stars such as Yasmine Abdel Aziz, Sherif Mounir, Karim Fahmy, Sawsan Badr, Islam Jamal, Badria Tolba, Iman El Sayed Laila Ezz Al-Arab, Tara Imad, Saba Al-Shafei.

Children of Imbaba

The series “The sons of Imbaba”, also one of the possible series coming out of the Ramadan race 2020, the fact that the team did not finish filming 50% of it, until now, and participates in the series championship with a number of artists, including Farida Saif Al-Nasr, Smirghanim, Lotfi Labib, Ahmed Shaybah, Shams, Nader Abu Al-Lev and Berlanti Fouad, Abdullah Musharraf, Murad Fikry, Mahmoud Fares, Mustafa Abu Saree, Amr Ramzy, Hani Al Asmar, Ismail Farghali, Muhammad Farooq and the stars of festivals groups Oka, Ortega, Yusra Al Masoudi, Bossi Shaheen, and others, written by Ayman Bakry, and directed by Mamdouh Zaki.

The end

In the past few days, news circulated about the stop of filming the series “The End” by Youssef El Sharif and his exit from the Ramadan 2020 race.

Yasser Sami said in press statements that there is no final decision for the series to exit from the Ramadan 2020 race.

Sami added that the photography is already suspended due to the current conditions, especially after the fire that erupted at the scene.

Sami explained that a large part of the series was filmed and the rest are few scenes, and if conditions permit, it can be resumed with due diligence.

Sami concluded his speech that currently everything has been suspended until a final decision is issued, whether to leave Ramadan or complete the filming and display in Ramadan 2020.

And the series “The End” revolves around Yusef Al Sharif, the hero of the series, who hates technology and the rapid development that takes place at lightning speed, especially that he is a technological engineer and is trying in various ways to stop this development. The series.


The makers of the series “Witness” witnessed by the star Hassan Al-Raddad decided to get a leave for 10 days as a precaution to prevent the new Corona virus, and the series became one of the works facing the specter of leaving the Ramadan race 2020, especially since the work entered the race late, and only a few scenes were filmed from it The work also faces a crisis in traveling to Ukraine to accomplish the external scenes, and Basma and Hassan al-Raddad are participating in the series, and here are Shiha, Mohamed Lotfy, and Walid Fawaz, who was written by Ahmed Magdy, and directed by Mohamed Abdel Rahman Hamaki.

Salem collection

Despite the continuation of filming in the series “Collecting Salem”, however, the filming rates are not sufficient, which threatens the presentation of the series in the coming Ramadan, which is the work that Zeina returns to starring in the drama after her latest work. It is forbidden to approach or photograph

“Collecting Salem”, written by Muhammad Nair and directed by Iman Al-Haddad, and co-starring Dalal Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Shaheen, Salwa Khattab, Reem Al-Baroudi, King of Qura, Medo Adel, Sameh Al-Soriet, Basant Shawky and Ahmed Sultan.

The events revolve in a social drama around the idea of ​​”adoption” and family relations, and the company that produced the series developed a plan for filming the work during the coming period, provided that filming continues throughout the holy month, especially since the time remaining before the advent of Ramadan is not enough to end the entire series.

God’s sword

The series “Seif Allah” was released by Amr Youssef officially after filming was postponed more than once, and therefore he will not join the show in the coming Ramadan season, which is a historical religious series, and it was supposed that Amr Youssef would play through the role of the great companion Khaled Ibn Al Walid , Nicknamed “The Sword of God Taken”.


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