Provisioning: a new procedure for issuing cards in lieu of damage and loss – document


04:27 PM

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Books – Muhammad Sami:

Dr. Ali Al Muselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade issued Ministerial Directive No. 8 to issue ration cards instead of lost or damaged through the Egypt site without the need to go to the catering office, provided that the card is valid before it is damaged or lost, due to the exceptional circumstances the country is going through as a precautionary measure to confront Corona Virus Spread.

The minister added that the discount of the deceased from the ration cards is done electronically without the need for the citizen to go to the catering office in coordination with the Ministry of Health with a temporary suspension of the movement of issuing the cards “new, social separation, transfer.”

He pointed out that the police minutes that must be presented when issuing cards in lieu of damage or loss are canceled, as well as canceling the postal transfer that must be presented when extracting a card in lieu of damaged or lost, and its value is deducted from the first exchange for the ration card for one time, and for bread cards, only a number will be deducted Loaves equal to 20 pounds, the value of the transfer, according to the cost of producing the loaf recorded on the system

The ministerial directive clarifies that cards are delivered from the catering offices directly to the citizen who owns the card or one of the beneficiaries, provided that the national ID card is submitted and the citizen signs a receipt.


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