Punches and kicks .. Violent fight in the Turkish parliament between Erdogan’s supporters and opponents (video)


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A fight occurred between members of the Turkish Parliament from the opposition Republican People’s Party and the ruling Justice and Development Party during a session on the situation in Idlib, Syria.

The quarrel erupted after AKP lawmakers protested the speech of Republican People’s Party deputy Engin Okoc, in which he attacked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s policy in Idlib, according to CNN Turk.

Justice and Development deputies gathered around Okuch after finishing his speech in protest against what was contained therein, but soon the matter turned into a mass fight, in which the MPs exchanged punches and kicks.

The footage showed that some MPs fell to the ground as a result of the punches they suffered, while others fell due to the stampede.

“The deputy leader of the Republican People’s Party insulted our president-elect during these days, in open betrayal, in the event that he did not lose his mind,” wrote Justice and Development Party deputy Noman Kurtomosh on Twitter.

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