Qusai Khouli’s wife reveals the fact that she is in negotiations to give up her son


Madiha Al-Hamdani, the wife of Syrian artist Qusai Khouli, is still making noise on social media. In her most recent statement, she replied to a follow-up question on her account on “Instagram”, in which he said: “I saw a YouTube video saying from reliable sources, there are negotiations with Qusai Bash that the boy will give him and you agreed.”

She replied to that and wrote: “A fate of evil, and my son is my impossible soul, leaving me for my entire life, God willing.”

Before that, she drew attention to her appearance in a photo she published on the same account, in which the roots of her white hair appeared. This is what many comments focused on, as many questions were asked about her age.

Al-Hamdani replied to a follow-up question through the comment: “I am not big and I have gray hair, even though I care about myself and the excessive dye causes great damage to the hair, I am ashamed of growing.”

She added, in response to another follow-up: “Gray hair is not a sign of neglect of the soul, not dyeing it is reconciled with the soul.”

It also caught the attention after I posted via the “Story” feature on the application a commentary that deals with the relationship between parents and children, and it says: “One day all your children will have from you is an image. So make sure that you are inside them, whatever your hair, makeup or body .. They don’t care about this. All they want is to see you and see the love you give them. ”

As another saying says: “You are the one who determines the value of yourself, so do not underestimate you when you see the luxury of others. If the value was measured by weights, the rocks would be more precious than diamonds.” This was considered as a veiled messages to her husband after the circulation of posts on a number of accounts on the application of pictures and videos.


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