Rania Youssef grabs attention at the opening ceremony of Luxor Festival .. Watch


Rania Youssef has caught the eye during the opening ceremony of the Luxor Festival of African Cinema, which is held at Luxor Temple this evening.

He will present to Rania Youssef the film “Fund of the World” by Imad El-Bahat after the opening ceremony.

Luxor Festival for African Cinema is considered one of the most important projects of the Young Artists Independent Foundation affiliated to the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and it aims to link the Egyptian culture with its African roots, and to break the centrality of the arts and transfer them from Cairo and Alexandria to Luxor.

The festival honors its international and African stars, including international star Jimmy John Lowe, Senegalese Nigerian artist Maimouna Ndiaye, artist Mostafa Shaban and artist Amr Abdel Galil, and artist Zina. He pointed out that the session this year bears the name of the late great artist Farid Shawky.


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