Rapid Detector .. The Minister of Health announces a virus detector at all airports .. Video


And she added «Hala Zayed»During a press conference of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Tourism, the disclosure will be made for all persons coming from countries and the aircraft that have injuries to reveal Corona Virus The result appears in just 30 minutes.

The Minister of Health explained that the cases that prove positive positively from abroad will be drawn to a sample for confirmation and then referred to isolation, and this is one of the fastest technologies that have begun to be used globally and Egypt is one of the first countries that apply it now in airports.

“Hala Zayed” stressed that there are 250 thousand reagents that will be imported and distributed in various airports nationwide, stressing that Egypt started implementing quarantine procedures in airports since January 7.

“Hala Zayed” had confirmed that no country in the world would not have been infected by the Corona virus, pointing out that since the virus was announced, we have tightened procedures for airports, quarantine and tourist attractions.

And “Hala Zayed” added that Egypt has only 3 cases with coronavirus, which are Chinese, and that it has been treated.

And “Hala Zayed” pointed out that Egypt is the first country to discover a case with the virus that does not have to show, pointing out that Egypt is one of the first to take all measures to confront the virus.

And Hala Zayed continued:We analyzed 171 who were on the ship that we uncovered yesterday and the results showed that 11 cases appeared negative from 12 and 33 positive from 45 cases they will be taken to quarantine. “

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