Reality of a video of Saddam Hussein talking about the Corona virus for years … Watch


A video clip spread on the Twitter site caused an uproar and surprised the users after the former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein appeared on the Corona virus at a meeting of officials.But Raghad Saddam Hussein, the daughter of the late president, denied the authenticity of the video and wrote on her official Twitter account that “the clip is fabricated”, and that the voice is for someone else and not for her father.

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Raghad explained that this person “has previously published more than one video that mimics the voice of the martyr Saddam Hussein.”

She pointed out, “Whoever checks the voice knows the tradition, not the voice of the martyr president.” The video was attached to the tweet, as it was found that the sound was installed on the image.

The former Iraqi president appeared in the fabricated video talking about the Corona virus, which has recently spread in most countries of the world, leaving huge numbers of victims.

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