Reasons for the disagreement with Al-Khatib .. Turki Al-Sheikh is republishing Medhat Shalaby’s “assurances” (video)


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Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the entertainment authority in Saudi Arabia, honorary president of Al-Ahly Club, re-posted a video clip of the media episode of Medhat Shalaby, on Cairo and Al-Nas channel, on Thursday evening, on his official page on the social networking site «Facebook».

“Shalaby” revealed during the episode what he said are “the reasons for the dispute,” noting that it is summarized in 3 main demands that Chancellor Turki Al Sheikh requested in order to support the club’s soccer team, and he apologized for accepting Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the head of Al-Ahly.

“Shalaby” explained that the 3 demands were: “Requesting rewards for players after winning the Sundowns, and allocating a private plane to transport players to South Africa, along with a large plane to transport the fans of the team back and forth while bearing all costs.”

Medhat Shalaby stated that “news from inside a source in Al-Ahly club was leaked to all sports journalists, and I also reached him on his phone that there was a misunderstanding between Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh and Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib pushed him to submit his resignation from the honorary presidency, which was overlooked after the captain’s procedure Mahmoud Al-Khatib telephoned him.

The «source», according to «Shalaby» quoted «leaks» that Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh will remain honorary president of the club and Al-Ahly will not accept the resignation in the necessity of the relationship between the two parties in addition to Al-Ahly’s failure to accept throughout this history of this type of resignation ».

“Shalaby” went on to talk about what he described as “personal impressions of him that are not based on information from any party”, saying: “My personal justification is that the man – meaning Chancellor Turki Al Sheikh – found himself an honorary president and he felt that he wanted to give but there is no room for giving.”

“Shalaby” continued: “I would have thought that Al-Ahly had, if it wanted to, all that it sent to all journalists and me, would have seen an official statement.

That the Al-Ahly board of directors and such and such a meeting have met, and this is a personal justification that carries no information. ”

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