Received the frequency of the Turkish channel ATV, which carries the series of the Resurrection of Othman, episode 14 on all satellites .. Follow-up to Osman Ibn Artgrel 14, is the end of Dindar today?


The frequency of the Turkish ATV channel, the Turkish ATV channel is one of the most famous satellite channels that display programs and series that always appeal to viewers, and it also displays the most watched and watched historical series which is Resurrection Osman series Which has become one of the favorite series of the audience not only in Turkey but also at the level of the Arab world, which has given it additional fame and success, as the resurrection of Othman Episode 14 is scheduled to be shown tomorrow evening Wednesday through the mentioned channel screen.

You can now set and enter the frequency of the ATV channel through your receiver in order to follow the events of Episode 14, the resurrection of Osman, which will be fiery and exciting, so everyone wants to know whether Osman Ibn Artgrel will fulfill his promise and kill his uncle Dindar after he betrayed him or is it just an emotional talk?

During the coming lines, we presented to you the frequency of the Turkish ATV channel, which on Wednesday evening every week, presents a new episode of the series of the largest production of the Resurrection Osman, in which the starring role of Burak Ozgivit, who plays Uthman with the utmost ingenuity and professionalism, is played.

The frequency of the Turkish ATV channel

Turkish drama enthusiasts are always looking for The frequency of the Turkish ATV channel In order to set it and enter it on their receiver and enjoy its follow-up around the clock without interruption or interruption, where ATV was launched in September 1992 to be a platform for Turkish dramas, and one of the most prominent series that are shown across its screen during that period “Zahra series” The Trinity and the series “The Resurrection of Osman”, and the latter revolves in a historical framework on the establishment of the Ottoman Empire at the hands of Osman Ibn Artgrel after he faced many dangers, among which were “Mongols and Tatars”, to unite the tribes under the banner of Islam after he was able to prepare a strong army.

The frequency of the Turkish ATV channel
The frequency of the Turkish ATV channel

The frequency of the ATV channel, which carries the Resurrection of Osman 14 series

And now you can set the frequency of the Turkish TV channel ATV channel The Resurrection of Othman 14 At exactly eight oclock Cairo local time from tomorrow evening, Wednesday, as well as at nine oclock in Saudi Arabia, the episode is expected to be a fiery event that includes exciting events and thus will achieve a high viewership, everyone wants to know how Othman will get rid of Dindar, Batur and Samsa, and how he will be able to save Bala Khatoon From the hand of the Mongols, now with the frequencies of the ATV channel on all satellites:

The satelliteOrbitFrequencyPolarCorrection coefficientthe qualityEncryption
Nile Sat——10796275005/6SDOpen
Turksat42.0 ° E11628 -H27500 5/6SDOpen
Astra19.2 ° E12692 -H275005/6SDOpen
Astra19.2 ° E11243 H275005/6SDOpen

After the end of episode 14 of the founder, Othman, through the mentioned channel screen, you can follow it again via the website of the story of love and the Algerian Dawn and Yarmouk channels.

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