Reham Saeed commented on the crisis of Yasmine Abdel Aziz and her brother: “It is not so generous this degeneration … the Day of Resurrection is near”


The Egyptian media “Reham Saeed” published through her account on the social networking site “Facebook” a publication in which she commented on the recent crisis between the artist “Yasmine Abdel Aziz” and her brother “Wael Abdel Aziz” about his desire to know the relationship that she has with the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi ”

Reham Saeed attacked Wael Abdul Aziz strongly, and she wrote: “Certainly on the Day of Resurrection near .. Brother speaks to me about his offer and his honor .. If you think so, you are bothering you, then you bothered us and we were shocked that it is so dirty .. this is not so terrible.”

And she continued: “Myself insulted you with all the words that I know, and I will not know them .. I would, if you imprison them immediately, because you did not just notice them, no, you broke the rules of humiliation, living, salt, and one blood lighter than God … Behem. ”

She added: “And the man who did not like you was asked about his relationship with her in all the programs, but she did not have to walk from far away, nor from a relative, because I had a million feet from you .. Your form asked for a request and I refuse that she did not mistakenly accept it. You put it on Facebook.

Reham Saeed concluded her speech and said: “Aref I did, what did Egypt all love? More .. Jasmine, you are the most beautiful and beautiful one in the world, and there is no strike like that for those who are close, but our Lord is good for you with legs instead of the thousand who were in your life.”

Sure, doomsday is near. Brother speaks about his honor and honor. If I think so, that you are her own, then you are ours and we are shocked that she is so dirty …

Posted by Reham Esmat on Wednesday, March 4, 2020


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