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The events of the fifteenth episode 15 ended on a group of events, when members of his tribe Uthman met against him and accused him of killing his cousin Dindar, and Uthman also plans to fight the Mongols and expel them from the Ottoman Empire, and Uthman also discovered his uncle’s betrayal and cooperation with the Mongols against Uthman and against the tribe, and the sixth episode will be shown Ten awaits that fans and followers of the Resurrection series Osman await, and also the events of the previous episode, which ended on many mysterious events that sparked the longing and enthusiasm of fans of the Resurrection of Osman’s series, who are waiting for the sixteenth episode with suspense, will be resumed. Here are the events around the sixteenth episode. .

Show series of the Resurrection of Othman 16

The events of the series revolve around the Ottoman Empire, which is an Islamic historical series, and the series is shown exclusively on the IT channel on Wednesday of each week and it is the series that sparked the controversy of many viewers because it is very rare that a Turkish historical Islamic series is filmed, which is why the series This large number of viewing takes place, the Osman Resurrection series is shown only on Wednesday of each week on the Turkish ATV channel, and the series is not displayed on any other channel, and the series is also displayed at exactly eight oclock in Egypt time, and the ninth hour in Saudi time.

The sixteenth episode of the Resurrection Osman series

The fifteenth episode of the Turkish historical series ended Osman’s resurrection on many mysterious events that sparked the controversy of viewers and increased their enthusiasm for watching the sixteenth episode to resume the events of the series, which ended at the fifteenth episode, the events of the sixteenth episode of the Turkish historical series resurrected Osman, which is awaited by my fans and followers The series is eagerly and enthusiastically to know what Osman will do with the Mongols and how he will liberate the Ottoman Empire from the Mongols and expel them permanently, and also in this episode we will know what will Captain Osman do after knowing his uncle’s betrayal and his cooperation with the Mongols against his tribe Othman N, the killing of his uncle Osman will Dindar for betraying him and the tribe and its cooperation with the Mongols and also Hiharb commander Osman Mongols and expelled from the Ottoman Empire and the Ottoman advancement again as an independent from the final Mongols.

Episode 16 of the Osman Resurrection series will be uploaded through the website of the Story of Love, and it will be translated in Arabic and shown on satellite channels such as Yarmouk, Fajr and other channels that display the content of Turkish series and films. The Osman Resurrection series is one of the most prominent and most successful series at the present time, especially since it has a mass base Large and is searched for greatly throughout the day as soon as the episode comes down on Wednesday.

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