Report .. How did 130 minutes contribute to the Corona outbreak in Spain?


“It was our right decision to refuse to travel to Milan to meet Inter Milan in the European League, that journey was fraught with perils,” Jose Bordallas, coach of Spain’s Getafe, praised the club’s president, Angel Torres, who had taken it for fear that some members of the mission would be infected with the Coruna virus.

Corona, which has turned into a global epidemic, has spread widely in the Italian territories since the end of last February, which prompted the Spanish capital club to avoid a confrontation in Milan, which is the epicenter of the epidemic in Italy, which has become the most mortal country in the world Because of the virus that infects the respiratory system.

“See what happened to others who went to Milan at the time, such as the Valencia team that went to face Atlanta, or the Real Madrid basketball team,” he added.

The Spanish club Valencia’s trip to face Italian Atalanta in the Champions League round of sixteen sparked the beginning of the emergence of the Corona virus on Spanish soil, and it was later revealed that a Real Madrid basketball player was infected with the same virus, after a trip to Milan as well.

Real Madrid faced its host Balcknestro Olympia Milan in the “Euroleague” basketball, and the match was held without a public presence on the third of March, after the increase in cases of Corona virus on Italian soil at that time.

And increased the incidence of “Covid-19” virus, known internationally as the Corona virus, to 53,578 people in Italian territory as of Saturday, and the epidemic caused the death of 4,825 people according to official figures in the same country.

Coronas outbreak in Spain has escalated dramatically in Spanish territory, with the virus infecting 28,572 people and killing 1,753 others.

Corona appeared in the Spanish territories by announcing the injury of a Spanish journalist who accompanied the Valencia mission on its trip to Milan, on the twenty-seventh of last February, before announcing the appearance of symptoms of the disease on four of the fans of Valencia who accompanied the team in the Italian lands.

The crisis did not prevent the establishment of a second-leg confrontation between Valencia and Atalanta in Spain, but it was held without a public presence, and after days of the confrontation, it was announced that a number of Valencia players were ill without revealing their identity, before confirming that the defender of the team Ezekiel Garay was among them.

And the crisis intensified in Valencia due to the Italian trip, where the Spanish club officially announced on the seventeenth of this month that 35% of its players and employees were infected with the Corona virus, without apparent symptoms, and stressed that all members of the club remain self-isolated.

In turn, Real Madrid announced the suspension of its sports activities, and to keep all its players and employees in self-isolation, after confirming the injury of one of the basketball team players, after the Milan trip as well.

Directly or indirectly, the confrontations of Valencia and Atalanta, which did not exceed 90 minutes, and the confrontation of Real Madrid and the Balnestro Olympia in basketball not exceeding 40 minutes, except for the stops, are responsible for the first spark of the virus in Spain, before the country suffered from a very bad situation in the last days .


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