Reports: Salah and Mani hate each other “badly”


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Sports press reports said Liverpool and the African stars of Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane hated each other “badly”, and both sought to move from the Reds. Sports journalist Richard Keyes said Salah and Mane “hate each other so badly.”

The former sports commentator on the Sky Sports channel, who writes on his personal blog, predicted difficult times against Liverpool, although the team is on track to win its first title in the Premier League in 30 years, according to «Sky News Arabia»

It is noteworthy that Liverpool currently occupies the first position in the English Premier League championship, by a large margin for the second-place defender and defending champion Manchester City, as he leads the league table with 82 points, compared to 57 points for the Westies.

However, the Reds lost their champion championship title, after losing back and forth against the Spanish club Atletico Madrid in the round of sixteen. However, winning the league title this season could mean that either Mohamed Salah or Sadio Mane will try to move to clubs like Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​according to Richard Keys, where they are believed to be both keen to get away from each other.

Keys also believes that after winning the Champions League last season and the English Premier League with Liverpool this season, both players believe they have done everything in their power at Anfield, Liverpool’s stronghold.

“Don’t believe what they tell you about that Salah and Mani do not have time for each other, it is worse than that, they hate each other very hard,” Keys-Side said on football affairs and news.

He continued: «Both of them will feel very happy to play in a team without the other. So .. how can this happen? Does Liverpool sell one of them and keep the other? In an ideal world, the answer will be yes, but I felt that both were on the way out. ”

“I imagine that Barcelona will test Liverpool’s determination to stick to the Senegalese player, and regardless of the conditions mentioned in the Brazilian transfer deal, Felipe Coutinho, if Mani decides to move to Camp Nou, he will do so,” the professional football career is short. “Chronologically, the chances of playing for the two largest teams in the world do not come much. In addition, what will be achieved more in the Liverpool team?”


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