Resurrection Osman bin Artgrel 14 The teaser … The channels transmitting the series of the founder Osman Episode 14 Fourteen in Turkish and Arabic


Resurrection Othman, 14, teaser. After showing the thirteenth episode of the founder series Othman, which achieved very impressive success in the world of Turkish drama, all viewers became in a state of longing to know the events of the new episode, and what new developments have occurred with Othman bin Ertuلrul al-Ghazi, and the Turkish ATV channel, Ali The first and second teasers of the fourteenth episode were released via her personal page on Facebook in a few minutes.

Resurrection Osman bin Artgrel 14 the teaser

The events of the last episode of the series of the resurrection of Osman bin Ertugrul the Great ended with the scene of the kidnapping of Bala Hatton by adult men, in a scene that caused a sensation on social networking sites, where Ms. Pala was seriously injured, and this episode witnessed betrayal of Othman by stealing laws Genghis Khan, after Osman Othman’s help with the fighters to restore those laws from the Bhai tribe, to take advantage of the moment the fighters are not there to steal the laws to immediately flee to the mother, as the episode also witnesses a very big dispute between Uthman and his uncle Dundar, who cooperated with the Bulgarian commander of the Mongols, to get rid of Othman and the sole rule Tribe.

Osman’s resurrection

Channel broadcasts of the founder series Othman Episode 14 Fourteenth

A large group of famous and well-known channels transmits the series of the Resurrection of Othman Al-Ghazi in the Turkish language as well as the Arabic language, and the most important of these channels is the Turkish ATV channel, which has the exclusive right to broadcast the series of the Resurrection of Othman on Wednesday every week, at exactly eight oclock in the evening Egypt time and the ninth Saudi time Other channels include the Yarmouk channel, the Da`wah channel, the Four Shabab channel and the Algerian Al-Fajr channel.

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