Right now, your gigantic full moon decorates the skies of Egypt and the Arab world


The sky of Egypt and the Arab region is witnessing until the middle of the night, the second full moon, the giant moon, the second of the four this year 2020, where its apparent size appears larger and slightly lighter than usual.

The giant full moon appears from the eastern horizon with sunset and will remain adorning the sky throughout the night until it sets with sunrise on Tuesday, and it was noted that the apparent size of the moon during its sunrise is “huge”, and this is only a visual illusion that occurs monthly and has nothing to do if the moon is close to the Earth or away About it in its elliptical orbit, the moon after rising high in the sky returns to its usual size.

The astronomical society revealed in a report that, with respect to the pink or orange color in which the moon can appear, they are real colors. The long, which reaches our eyes and we see it, is the same reason why we see the sun set in a reddish color.

The full moon reached the moment of completion at 5:48 pm (GMT 05:48), which is an ideal time to see radioactive craters on the moon’s surface through the telescope or a small telescope, unlike the rest of the terrain that appears flat due to the full moon’s fall in the sun’s light. .

The description of the “giant moon” is called the bound moon or the full moon when the distance between the center of the moon and the center of the Earth is within 362.146 km, a term referring to the scientific designation “perihelion moon”, meaning the moon falls at the closest point to the earth, and in the case of this moon The full moon will be 357,399 km.


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