Rouna Ahmad .. I played “Taekwondo” by chance, won the prizes, and dreamed of a world class (full story)


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Serendipity led her to be a champion of taekwondo, and she wins prizes one after the other. The journey of Rona Ahmed, born in the village of Saud in the Fakous Center in the East, was not easy, especially as she practiced a “combat game” that needed training and special skills, the family supported her daughter and made her compete for championships without affecting that On her studies, where she is still studying in the third year of the Faculty of Physical Education at Zagazig University.
“Rona” won 4 places at the level of the Republic, as it won first place in 2010, third place in 2014, first place 2015 and first place 2016, as well as ranked third in the Universities Championship that was held at the American University in 2017, and also won the qualifications of Zagazig University on First place in 2018, and first place also in 2019. She also won second place in the qualifications of Zagazig University in basketball, and first place in «jumping» and 100 meters.

Rona Ahmed

“My father used to come to my brother to play the game, and when I saw girls playing it, I insisted that I be their uniform and excel on them, and with my insistence my father agreed and started training from the age of seven,” thus Rona spoke about her beginnings with taekwondo.
She added to “Al-Masry Al-Youm”: “My mother used to play karate and my uncle was encouraging me to play, and the whole family supported me, thank God for the blessing of having the family behind me in every step of my life.”
“The time of the game was not held and I took its right,” Rona says, “but currently there is interest in individual games, and camps are running, and Captain Mohammed Hassan Askar, the taekwondo coach at the sports club and the coach of the national project like me, because he has helped me and helped me in my career.”
On her ambition, she says: “I myself enter the Egyptian team and enter the Olympic and world championships, and to become the number-ranked number one in the world to raise the name of Egypt, and that my family be proud of me and feel that their effort has not been lost.”
She added, “I hope to continue the game after completing my university studies, and focus on the skills that are missing me, and that I help others who are looking for support.”
She proudly talks about her father: “My father motivates me and I find him next to me in all difficult situations. I am grateful for everything he does for me, and I hope he will always be proud of me as I am proud of him as my father.”
Rouna practiced basketball alongside taekwondo, and girls called for sports, stressing that customs and traditions sometimes stand in the way of our practice of some games, but every girl must fight to prove herself and extract her right to achieve her goals.
(This topic was published in cooperation with the Al-Masry Training Center today)

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