Russian scientists succeed in identifying the genome of Corona, which helps create a drug for the virus


Today, Thursday, the Russian Ministry of Health announced that the success of Russian scientists in fully identifying the genome of the Corona virus will help to devise a vaccine and drug for the virus..

The statement of the press office of the Russian Ministry published with the agency “Sputnik”: “A. Smorodintsov Institute of Scientific Research scientists succeeded in identifying the whole sequence of SARS-Cove-2 genome through a patient with the emerging corona virus.“.

And the statement continued: “A new Corona virus is for us, so it is important to determine the way it spreads, enters the country and how it changes. This information will help in creating a vaccine and anti-virus drug to treat corona.”“.

On March 11, the World Health Organization classified the emerging coronavirus, which announced its outbreak in China at the end of last year, as a global pandemic, confirming that infection numbers are increasing very quickly..

While most cases were registered in China until the middle of last month, “Covid-19” has spread rapidly in different regions of the world..

Anna Popova, Russias chief health doctor, has asked the heads of Russian regions and regions to isolate all arrivals to Russia for 14 days. .

A decree issued by the chief health doctor in Russia said on Thursday that senior officials of the Russian regions must ensure the isolation of all persons coming to the territory of the Russian Federation for a period of 14 days from the date of their arrival .

It is noteworthy that the number of recorded cases of “Corona” virus in all of Russia has reached 147 so far, of whom 9 have recovered, and 98 cases of infections are found in the capital, Moscow, and its environs..

Today, Thursday, the Russian health authorities announced the registration of the first death of the Corona virus in the country, according to Sky News, in the meantime the Russian government is studying the possibility of intensifying restrictive measures throughout the country, with regard to limiting the spread of the new Corona virus “Covid- 19 “, including canceling group events and changing the work system.


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