Sabrina Alba, the wife of actor Idris Alba, announced that she had corona virus from her husband


The wife of the actor, “Idris Alba”, “Sabrina Alba”, disclosed that she had contracted Corona Virus after her husband announced that he had contracted the virus earlier.

And “Sabrina Alba” was subjected to several criticisms for her appearance next to her husband during the announcement of his HIV infection, which led to her exposure to infection with the Coronavirus.

British newspaper “Daily Mail” revealed that “Sabrina Alba” said that she defended her decision to stay next to her husband “I wanted to stay by his side, and I felt the instinct of the wife who called me to take care of him and support him.”

“Sabrina Alba” stuck to her decision to stay with her husband near him despite his injury and that she did not regret that decision and that she wanted to stay with him and go through what he will pass through .. and that we are with each other not only in the beautiful periods, but also to cross difficult periods together.

“Sabrina Alba” explained in an interview with “Oprah Winfrey” media through a program that she launched an opera yesterday on the Internet that she had discovered that he was suffering from coronavirus and did not feel any symptoms of the disease so far.

The actor, “Idris Alba,” explained that he did not suffer from any major symptoms and I feel that I am okay, and that it is a matter of concern that there are people who carry the virus and it seems they are okay and they can transmit the disease easily.


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