Sada Al-Balad: Hamdi Al-Naqaz, attacking Mortada Mansour: I expect anything from him


Tunisian Hamdi El-Naqaz confirmed the first team football player
Al-Soccer in the Lithuanian club Sudova, the former Zamalek, that he sent a complaint to the Egyptian Football Association
Against his former team due to overdue dues

Al-Naqaz said in remarks to radio “ifm” Tunisian: “I sent the Egyptian Football Association a complaint because of my dues with the team
I didn’t feel comfortable, so there was a problem for me, especially for my wife, daughter and others, so I didn’t
I focus with the ball sometimes but I beat that and won tournaments

In response to a question from the presenter about Mortada Mansour,
The president of Zamalek Club caused his failure to move to Gulf clubs, Hamdi said: “The truth is I expect
Anything from him and so as not to lie to you there are many unclear things but I do not want to enter
In details, it is close to the Saudi League and the Emirates, and I do not like the darkest one, but we imagine that. “

Hamdi Al-Naqaz suddenly left Zamalek due to
He was delayed in receiving his dues, then joined Sudova for 6 months, less than

Reports confirmed during the past hours, were welcome
Hamdi Al-Naqaz to join Al-Ahly next summer, without any financial conditions


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