Sama Al-Masry, Layla Al-Dakhleh and its relationship to it – video


Egyptian dancer Sama Al-Masry encourages Al-Ahly, not Zamalek, and today the match between the two teams was postponed for reasons that were not announced, but she wanted to irritate everyone who encouraged Zamalek.

And she published a video in which the Egyptian actor Ahmed Helmy appeared in a red blouse, and she said: “I.By running the cheek above and below … this is the day of the day with the same red shirt, after the decision of Al-Ahly and Bebo Al-Nayar …

We did not understand what the relationship with Al-Ahly and Zamalek was related to, and what did you mean by Sama?

Yesterday, she announced that she was going to go outside the social media and her fans, but today she is back as if she had not said anything.


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