Sama Al-Masry lives on selling her body and now with the red sleep shirt? – picture


Just as pigs feed on filth, so Sama al-Masry feeds on the scandals that he exposes themselves.
The dance Egyptian Sama The Egyptian, exposure Its pictures Nationality Contrary to all forms of good morals and blown up Our habits Arabic, Although That we are in a Lebanon country Respects freedom Opinion The other one, Except aN Its pictures Provoke us We feel disgust forbidden to sell their meat day and night.

Dr.. Layla Shahrour: How do you compare Sama Al Masry and Haifa Wehbe?

She published a new image showing her large artificial back, so that people know her from the back, not from the shape of her face or through the works that she provides, and this indicates that she is unsuccessful in work and social life because once she did not publish pictures with her family or relatives or even close friends to her, In all the pictures, she appears lonely and with her body, and we do not know whether she has any family or if they recognize her.

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She is not absent from her pages, and every day she publishes photos or videos that enrage the activists or everyone who follows her, and displays her body for free to the sexually suppressed only to achieve the likes and views that secure her money from YouTube.

The photo was shown by sexual comments and pornographic words that are not appropriate for the strong and fighting Egyptian woman, who displays her culture and knowledge, not her body, backside, or chest.

Sama Al Massri
Sama Al Massri


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