Samira Abdel Aziz, on the job with Mohamed Ramadan: “I can’t be a mother or a bully.” Video


The actress Samira Abdel Aziz replied to the statements raised during the last period about not working with Mohamed Ramadan, saying: “They called the title of Umm al-Azima … I lost the role of the mother to 5 imams, namely Imam Abu Hanifa, Al-Tirmizi, Al-Maraghi, Al-Sheikh Mohammed Metwally Al-Shaarawy, next to the embodiment of Umm Abdul Wahab and the mother of Umm Kulthum.

She said during her interview on the “Echo of the Country” screen: “I do not know Muhammad Ramadan personally and the role was not appropriate for me, it is not appropriate after I embodied the role of the mother of Sheikh Shaarawi to embody the mother of Muhammad Ramadan, I said before what I do for his mother, and Makhlafoush.” I can’t do it or be a bully.

And I continued, Abdulaziz: “At the time of my studies in high school, I liked drawing because it was one of my hobbies, but by chance I found an opportunity in the school theater and told the teacher,” Take me with you, “I want to be optimized and tried, and embodied the role of a chaplain in the play. Then I was surprised by my choice of the best actress at the governorate level. I have my first artistic experience. “


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