Saudi Arabia gives good news about Corona virus


Ministry revealed Saudi HealthToday, Thursday, a marked increase in the number of recoveries from Corona Virus Indicating the number of cases recovered to 8 cases.

The Saudi Ministry of Health, in its daily press conference on Corona, said that the total number of injuries recorded in the Kingdom was 238 cases, indicating that the majority of injuries are coming from abroad, according to “Al-Arabiya”.

The ministry pointed out that the early detection of Corona greatly facilitates the treatment process, calling for the necessity of adhering to the health isolation for 14 full days.

Saudi health urged citizens and all residents to wash hands and avoid shaking hands and avoiding gatherings.

The Ministry also directed citizens to the necessity of staying in homes as a precaution.

She added that all of Coronas treatments are still under research and experimentation, noting that 14,000 laboratory tests were conducted to detect corona infection.

In concluding the statement, the Saudi Ministry of Health commended the implementation of its instructions by citizens to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

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