Scientists convert fish scales into bendable screens .. I know how


Scientists have developed a method for converting fish scales into bendable screens that can be used in a range of portable electronics. They are fully biodegradable in just 24 days and can help reduce the environmental impact of electrical devices. The process was developed by a team of researchers from Nanjing University, who They were looking to find 70.5 million metric tons of fish waste produced by the fishing industry every year.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, fish scales were processed to extract natural gelatin, which is used to produce mini screens, and gelatin is spread in a thin layer, where it is mixed with light-emitting zinc sulfide and copper materials.

A dense network of small nanowires is also used to serve as electrodes that activate the light emission material in gelatin.

The Nanjing team hopes that the new screen technology will help encourage others to focus on developing biodegradable components for electronics.

“We are excited to promote the development of environmentally friendly electronics, which could lead to a paradigm shift in our daily lives,” said Hai Dongyu of Nanjing University of Technology.

While some companies run e-waste recycling programs, it is often cheaper to purchase new metals and components than to disassemble old devices for small amounts of material.

But with a greater focus on making biodegradable and easily recyclable electronics, the Nanjing team believes a new era in biodegradable laptops can come.


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