Secret sources in America announce serious news about Corona


Secret sources told the New York Times that
A plan developed by the US federal government to combat
The virus The killer indicates that the epidemic will continue
18 months or more and may include multiple “waves”.

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The plan warned, according to the newspaper, that “the shortage is in
Products may happen, affecting health care, emergency services, and other elements of the structure
Vital infrastructure. ”

The newspaper added, “This
Includes a possible severe deficiency in diagnosis And medical supplies (Including personal protective equipment
Medicines) and staff in some locations. ”

The plan was completed
Last Friday, on the same day that US President Donald Trump announced that it had spread
The virus is a national emergency, and has identified several possible response options, including
This is the invocation of the Defense Production Act (
DPA1950), which arose during the Korean War and permitted
By implementing measures to intensify the production of supplies such as ventilators.


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