Sharif Ashraf: The ball wronged me … and I did not get my right to my family


Sharif Ashraf, a former player of Al-Zamalek and Al-Ahly club, and the channel are now appearing in tears during a presentation of his goals when he arrived at the Zamalek satellite channel on Tuesday evening.

Sharif Ashraf, said during his episode in the Zamalek satellite channel: “I was wronged in the ball, and I had professional opportunities while I was young. I wish I was as professional as my father dreamed before his death, but football oppressed me and my days in Zamalek were sweet and his fans were loyal.”

The current channel player indicated that he was also wronged during the ranks of Al-Ahly junior club, saying: “My numbers were good in the juniors and I did not get my right and Manuel Jose, the coach of the first team relied on the big players as well as there were attackers such as Imad Miteb and Flavio.”

Sharif Ashraf explained that the Al-Ahly club had received a professional offer from Europe, but it was rejected because of the financial compensation. Zamalek club officials contacted him through his former colleague at Al-Ahly at the time, who had presented to Zamalek after a period of professionalism in Greece, Ahmed Magdy to contract with him.

The 33-year-old has completed his speech by noting that he does not feel angry because he is in the ranks of the Channel Club in the second degree, but his place in the Premier League, adding: “I am the scorer of my team during the current season.”

Sherif Ashraf had moved to the ranks of Zamalek in August 2007, coming from the starters of Al-Ahly before he moved to Jouna in the summer of 2010.


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