Shawky Gharib: I will include Egypt’s first goalkeeper at the Olympics


Shawky Gharib, coach of the Egyptian Olympic team, confirmed that he decided to summon the first goalkeeper of Egypt in the upcoming Olympics, in the absence of youth guards participating with their clubs in the current period.

“I announce it clearly. If no youth guard participates with his club, I will include a guard from the first team, and in particular the main goalkeeper who will rely on him in my African and African qualifiers matches,” Gharib said in comments on “On Time Sports 1” screen.

He continued: “I put three of the guards in the first team on the list, along with a number of young guards, in addition to the inclusion of Mahmoud Gad, a guard of Enppi, to the list.”

On the position of Mohamed Salah from joining the list of the Egyptian Olympic team in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, he said: “Salah’s position was not decided by Liverpool, but let us see Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, welcomed the accession of Sergio Ramos to the list of the Spanish Olympic team next to Killian Mbappe, who was summoned by the team French Olympic despite his club Paris Saint-Germain refusal.

Asked about the preparations for the Olympic team, he revealed: “Every day there are developments due to the current circumstances. Currently, we will face Argentina with the second confrontation against Croatia.”

He continued: “Even if we do not play any friendly match in the next camp, preparations are continuing and the camp is still present even if no friendly match is played.”

He concluded: “We will not run in other camps except in June next to the final camp before the start of the Olympics.”


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