She refused to let me assault her and killed her … Confessions of those accused of killing a girl in her apartment in Alexandria


The security services were able to identify and arrest those accused of killing a girl inside her apartment in Alexandria.

The beginning is when one of the women arrives at the Police Department of Raml at the Alexandria Security Directorate by finding the body of her daughter, “a student – 13 years old,” who suffers from multiple wounds and theft (money – a mobile phone – a ring and a gold earring “for her daughter” TV – a gas stove – a gas cylinder).

A criminal investigation team was formed headed by the Public Security Sector and with the participation of the Criminal Investigation Department at Alexandria Directorate, his efforts resulted in the perpetration of the incident by three people, one of whom works for the victim’s husband’s “criminal information”, all of whom reside in the Department of the Second Division of Raml.

After the codification of the procedures, the defendants were targeted and seized, and in confronting them, they confessed to the occurrence of the incident, and one of them acknowledged his agreement with the other defendants to go to the victim’s residence to transport some of the movables using a motorcycle “tricycle without metal plates” belonging to one of the defendants. Upon arrival at the bottom of the property, he went up to the apartment referred to, and asked It is permissible for her to allow him to enter on the pretext of transferring some movables to her mother’s husband, then he tried to assault her, so he resisted and beat her with a white weapon, “a knife” that was in his possession, and then caused her injury and strangled her by using a rope, which killed her.

After that, he used the rest of the defendants to transport the stolen goods using the aforementioned motorcycle, without knowing that he had committed the incident, and he hid the stolen goods from one of the persons (worker – resident of the Police Department of the First Police Department, “Good Faith”) in preparation for disposal of the sale, and was instructed to control the stolen and the used tool, and to confront The two defendants confirmed the confessions of the first suspect.

Legal action has been taken.

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