She stabbed him with a “skewer”, then he divorced her and then returned her to his wife, killing him .. A husband was killed by his wife in particular.


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A housewife killed her husband, stabbed with the knife, in a quarrel between them in the city of Al-Khosous due to differences between them, after she had doubts about them, the body was taken to the hospital, and the wife was arrested and the prosecution took over the investigation.

Lt. Col. Muhammad Shadid, Head of the Private Investigation Department, received a signal from the hospital regarding the arrival of M. s. A », 31 years old, security guard, dead body, following a stab wound to the chest.

Brigadier General Abdullah Jalal, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, immediately moved, and in a corpse debate, it was found that she had several stab wounds to the chest, and investigations concluded that the perpetrator committed the victim’s wife, stabbed him with the knife due to their continuing differences to suspect each other, and investigations also concluded that the wife He stabbed him before that with an iron skewer, and he did not make a statement against her and he only divorced her, but he returned it to his wife again, and the differences between them renewed and she killed him this time.

The wife was arrested, called “A.” M. a. M », 29 years old, housewife, confessed to the incident and the investigation took over.

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