She was buried in the tombs of charity and changed its name .. Stations in the path of Zeenat Sidky


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Monday 02 March 2020

I wrote – Manal Al-Jayoushi:

On March 2, 1978, the great superstar Zeenat Sidqi, who is considered one of the most famous stars in the history of cinema, passed away from our world, and although she did not play starring roles in her life, she left an unforgettable imprint on her work.

Masrawy shows you stations in the journey of the late star:

It originated

Zainab Mohamed Saad (her real name) was born in Alexandria in 1912, and she participated in the “Ansar al-acting” institute founded by Zaki Tulaimat in Alexandria.

Her love for art

At the age of thirteen, she married a relative of her father, and because of his mistreatment of her, the divorce took place, and her artistic career began after her as a singer in some teams, despite the reluctance of her family to her strong love in art.

Rihani company

The great artist Naguib Al-Rihani watched it, annexed it to his theatrical group, and participated in the groups in his band, and after that she watched Badia Musabni, so she decided to include her to her group, and when “Badia” decided to teach her to dance, Zainab refused and asked to return to the Rihani band, who changed her name to “Zeenat” and quoted the name “Sidqi” “From her friend’s father.

A second marriage

For 14 years, the actress Zeenat Sedky married a general in the army, and despite the great love story between them, this marriage ended in divorce, and Zinat did not have children from her husband.

Its rumor is Judaism

In the book “The Jews of Egypt” written by Muhammad Abu Al-Ghar, he mentioned that Zeenat Sedky is a Jewish religion, and after that he apologized for this misinformation.

Important works

The big star participated in a number of important works, and is considered one of the most prominent stars in the comedy in the history of Egyptian cinema.

Among her most prominent works are “Ibn Hamido”, “Love Street”, “Barber of Ladies”, “Idol of the Masses”, “Ismail Yassin in the Fleet”, “The Green Threshold” and others.

Tight case

Although she suffered from a tight situation, especially with fame being restricted to her, she did not ask anyone for help, nor did she ask her colleagues for financial assistance as was rumored, and President Anwar Sadat decided to honor her and grant her an exceptional pension.

A message to its people

In a message to her family, on one of the television programs, after honoring her on the occasion of art, she said: “I say to all my relatives who were blaming me and disavowing me for the moment, Oh God, insisting the artists on their families who do not sell art, and they are now watching me and I am graciously, and from their heart they will surely say Zina de our relative “.

Alms tombs

At the height of her fame, “Zeenat” decided to buy a cemetery, and in one of the theatrical shows with the Rihani division, one of the members of the group died, and he was poor. Al-Sabeel “, and when it was buried in this cemetery, some believed that it was buried in the tombs of charity because they do not own a burial.

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