Siti informs him of his dismissal .. “Corona” threatens Mindy because of one of his relatives


English press reports indicated that a relative of Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendi was suspected of contracting the Corona virus.

According to the British newspaper “Sun”, it was suspected that a relative of Mindy was infected with the Corona virus after he showed symptoms of the emerging disease.

“Sun” said that the suspect of being infected with Coronavirus from the Mindy family was at the player’s home, when he was tired before being taken to hospital.

Manchester City have told Mindy to isolate himself and take all necessary medical measures.

The Corona virus has become a major threat to the English Premier League, as Leicester City announced in the past hours that it was suspected that some of the team’s players were infected with the Corona virus.

Some English reports indicated that the British government is considering suspending all sporting events as a precautionary measure in the context of limiting the spread of the Corona virus


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