Somalia: A senior leader in Al-Shabaab was killed by an American strike


Source: Nairobi – Agencies

The US Military Command in Africa (AFRICOM) announced on Sunday that the senior leader of the Somali Youth Movement, Bashir Mohamed Mahmoud, known as Bashir Qarqab, was killed in a US air strike in southern Somalia.

Qurqab has been a member of the executive board of the Somali “youth” movement since the end of 2008, according to the US State Department and AFRICOM.

He is suspected of being involved in masterminding the attack that targeted a US-Kenyan base in southeastern Kenya in early January, which killed three Americans.

“The air strike that killed this terrorist was on February 22,” Colonel Christopher Carnes, an officer in charge of public relations for the Africa Command, told AFP.

“Bashir Mohamed Mahmoud was a commander of first-class operations and was an important element in the youth group for more than a decade,” he added.

He continued, “This person has played a role in planning and directing terrorist operations in Somalia and the Kenyan border region, including an assumed role in the attack on Manda Bay.”

On January 5, a group of “youth” launched an attack on a Kenyan-American military base known as “Simba” in Manda Bay, near the picturesque tourist island of Lamu in southeastern Kenya not far from the border with Somalia.

The attack lasted several hours, during which three Americans were killed, as well as four Al-Shabab militants.

The US State Department’s Anti-Terrorism Rewards Program website confirms that Mahmoud has been, “since late 2008, one of about a dozen members of the Youth Movement Leadership Council.”

The United States has offered a reward of $ 5 million for information allowing him to be arrested and tried.

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