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Monday 30 March 2020

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

An official security source said, “The Investigations of the Classroom arrested the driver of the” trail “who ran over 14 cars on the regional road, on Wednesday evening, after four days of searching and tracking.

A high-level research team, headed by Brigadier Alaa Fathi, and with the participation of Colonel Mohamed Ali, Inspector of the Sharq Brigade, were working to track the route of the driver’s escape, and to send errands to seize it.

Investigations revealed that the driver was called “Massaad Aaa,” 47 years old – residing in the Mit Ghamr Center in Dakahlia Governorate. The commission, led by Major Ahmed Yousry, head of the Investigation Department, managed to arrest the accused in coordination with the public security sector, and then took him afterwards To the department to investigate.

Earlier, the Public Prosecution Office ordered the arrest of the arrested suspect, “Al-Taaba”, pending investigations, and requested investigations by the security services regarding the incident.

The beginning is due to General Imad Hamdi, assistant director of Giza security for the southern sector, receiving a signal from the Najda police of a terrible accident on the road indicated in the center of the classroom. Upon receiving the communication, Major General Tareq Marzouq, Assistant Minister of the Interior for the Giza Security Sector, directed the speedy transition of security services in coordination with the General Traffic Department led by Major General Alaa Mitwalli.

Land rescue teams from the General Administration of Civil Protection in Giza used modern equipment to extract the bodies of the victims of a truck collision with a number of cars on the regional road south of the governorate.

Rescuers cut the steel bodywork to retrieve the dead bodies, while ambulances transported the victims to the morgue of Helwan Hospital and the central row.

A responsible security source described the horrific scene, saying, “The minibuses are wrestled … We are trying to get the bodies out of them intact,” noting that the speed of the “trailas” caused the death toll to rise.

The inspection revealed that while dozens of cars stopped on the side of the regional road – due to the entry of the ban hours – specifically the 25 km near the “Helwan Cart”, the drivers and motorists were surprised by a high-speed transport vehicle, which collided with a number of cars that stopped, respectively.

An eyewitness described the scene, “The trailer came out on the cars … and the bodies did not know that we would get them out,” indicating that the damaged cars varied between (half and a quarter of the transport – my angel – microbus).

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