Sports news .. Details of Ali Maaloul’s injury .. a reward for Al-Ahly and Zamalek .. and the development of health problems for Emad Miteb


On the early hours of Sunday morning, Echo Al-Balad published a set of sports news about the events on the local sports scene, which came as follows:

The first football team of Al-Ahly club succeeded in cutting the ticket to qualify for the African Champions League semi-finals at the expense of South Africas Downs, after a 1-1 tie, in the match that brought the two teams yesterday at Lucas Moribi’s stadium, where they rose as a result of the home and away matches 3 -1.

Mushir Hanafi, the former Al-Ahly player, confirmed that he felt the Al-Ahly administration did not want to renew his contract while playing for the first team, so he decided to retire at the age of 29.

Imad Miteb, the former Al-Ahly star, confirmed his recovery after suffering a health problem while playing football and was taken to hospital for treatment.

Tariq Qandil, a member of the Al-Ahly Club, said that Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the president of the Red Club, had a great role in supporting players and the technical staff in the South African trip.

The media, Hany Hathout, said that no single evidence has emerged that confirms the sincerity of the rumors about the African Football Confederation’s promise to hold the African Champions League title this year.

The mother of Imad Miteb, the star of Al-Ahly and the Egyptian national team, said that she had been reassuring about her son a little while ago, and he assured her that he was in good health.

Ibrahim Said, the former star of Al-Zamalek and Al-Ahly, confirmed that there is harmony between the players of the first football team of the Red Castle and this appeared strongly against the Sun Downs.

The golden box of the African Champions League has been completed for the current season, after all four seats in the semi-final teams have been won.


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