Stars challenge each other to fight Corona … How much did you donate?


Haifa Wehbe participated in a donation campaign to fight the Corona virus launched by the channel “mtv” As part of the “Time Has Come” program with the media Marcel Ghanem, she donated 20 million Lebanese pounds, which distributes 10 million pounds to the Rafic Hariri University Hospital and the same amount for the Lebanese Red Cross..

As an attempt to extend a helping hand in limiting the spread of this virus, Haifa tried to help the success of the home quarantine experiment and prevent its breaches by helping some families to secure the basic needs, so that their members do not have to work to secure their livelihoods..

Therefore, Haifa shared her followers via the Instagram feature on Instagram with the details of the “Ajyaluna Association” initiative, which provides assistance to needy families, which numbered about 9,850 people in Lebanon through fundraising, in order to preserve the home quarantine.

Haifa Wehbe commented on the post saying: “Please support the needy families”, announcing her participation in the campaign of donations that were launched on social media platforms. Wehbe was not satisfied with spreading the message of the “Ajyaluna” association and assistance, but rather transmitted the initiative to her famous colleagues, so she challenged Elissa, Asi Al-Halani, Najwa Karam, Wael Kfoury, Faris Karam and Bassam Fattouh to help families in difficult circumstances..

The actress Elissa announced acceptance of the challenge, and in turn she challenged Magda El Roumi, Ahlam Al Shamsi and Ragheb Alama, and this initiative came after her contribution also to the “Time has come” program with an amount that was not disclosed, indicating that she will provide food rations to a number of families who are unable to Securing food and drink at this point.

The star Maya Diab also announced her acceptance of the challenge and named Ziad Burji, Myriam Fares, Nancy Ajram, Ragheb Alama and Joel Mardinian.

Superstar Ragheb Alama initiated the donation via the mtv Yesterday, Sunday, the amount of 25 million pounds, divided by 10 million for the Lebanese Red Cross and 15 million for the medical staff at the Rafic Hariri Hospital.

Actress Nancy Ajram also accepted the challenge and presented the names of Muhammad Hamaki, Nawal Al-Zoghbi and Melhem Zein to accept it. Nancy also donated in the “Time is Time” program, with $ 10,000 for the Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital and $ 10,000 for the Lebanese Red Cross, which was starred last week by stars Wael Kfoury, Assi El-Hillani, Wael Jassar and Alaa Zalzali.

Wael Kfoury announced his acceptance of the challenge and directed the stars to be named Elissa, Ayman Gomaa, Sirin Abdel Nour, Melhem Zein.

It is expected that all stars will accept the challenge in the coming hours, especially as many of them contribute to providing assistance to needy families.


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