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A girl in the third decade of her life, a dead body was found inside an apartment in the Alexandria project in Helwan, and it was found on her neck the effects of suffocation with a piece of cloth .. A notification received by the police of the killing of nearly a thousand meters from the section of Helwan.

Inside the office of the Helwan department, a young man named Mohamed Taha appeared, and decided to surrender, stressing, “I killed my sister, I complained about her behavior, and I got out of the house strangling her with a veil, she died in the hands, and I came to surrender myself.”

And in the Alexandria project area, real estate No. 27, the crime scene, which witnessed the murder of a 23-year-old girl by her brother who is only three years older, because of his suspicion of her behavior, he said.

The people of the area recounted details about the life of the young man, Mohamed Taha, who is accused of killing his sister. One of the people said, “Muhammad was a respectable young man, a driver on Tok Tok, and he does not appear a lot in the area, and he does not drink drugs, nor do these needs. “.

Muhammad Alwani, one of the people of the region, continues, Muhammad and Donia, “The victim”, their father is dead, their mother is ill, and their uncle takes care of this matter and takes care of her affairs. In the last period, Biddour had a groom to cover her up, but Muhammad her brother got rid of her from the miscreants.

Abdullah Hamed, one of the victims of the victim, adds, “The last period was in many problems between the world of God, have mercy on her, and her brother Muhammad and their voice was being sold a lot because of the bottlenecks, and the last week was in many problems because of her going out, and she did not say that she was going away.”

On the day of the accident, Umm Khaled, one of the neighbors, says, “We heard a shouting or a voice, Muhammad went to the tuk corner and the house came out quite normal. After that, he went about an hour later. The police came and were everywhere, and we knew that Muhammad strangled his sister.”

One of the residents of the region, Yahya Ammar, continues his speech, “who I knew was that Muhammad recently started doubting his sister’s behavior and that she was leaving without what she was saying, and on the day of the accident they disagreed about her leaving and said: Where were you when you did not strangle her with the veil? “.

The security services at the Cairo Security Directorate revealed the details of the killing of a twenty-year-old suffocation in the Alexandria project area, West Helwan.

A notification received by the devices from the victim’s uncle’s wife stated that Muhammad Taha, 26, killed his sister Dunia Taha, 23, asphyxiated due to differences between them, because he doubted her behavior.

Investigations revealed that the victim had previously been charged in two cases and was staying with her uncle.

After handing himself over to the oath of division, the defendant admitted that he had killed his sister because of his suspicion of her behavior, and he suffocated her by Isharp and asked his uncle’s wife to support his confession.

The necessary report was prepared, and the Public Prosecution decided to detain the accused for 4 days pending investigations, as she stated that the girl’s body was buried, after the medical examination was signed.

The competent court also renewed the detention of the accused for 15 days pending investigations, and charged him with intentional murder of his victim victim.

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