Summary of goals and the match of Al-Ahly and Sun Downs (1-1) .. “The Red Castle” completes the mission in Pretoria and includes the Golden Square card


In Pretoria, despite his early acceptance of the pressure of his opponent, Al-Ahly kidnapped the goal of progress thanks to the friendly fire of Liebuhang Mapo, who mistook his goalkeeper after a free kick executed by the brilliant Tunisian Ali Maaloul (24), but Gaston Sernio quickly equalized (28).

The result of the positive tie included the qualification sheet for Al-Ahly, who excelled in the total of the two matches 3-1 after winning a first-leg match at Cairo Stadium with a clean double signed by Ali Maaloul.

With this result, Al-Ahly retaliated “athlete” for his exit in this same round last season against the same opponent after suffering the heaviest loss in the continental competition back (5-0) and his victory back (0-1).

Summary of Al Ahly and Sun Downs match goals (1-1)

The end of the match: Al-Ahly ends the match with 1-1 at Sun Downs

Ring 87: A distinctive individual effort from the alternative, Mohamed Hani, followed by a cross, found Junior Ajay, who was paid at the post, before the referee Bakari Gassama announced a state of infiltration.

78 minutes: Financial Alio Diang tries to surprise the Sun Downs goalkeeper with a long, but without a shot.

Ring 63: Mahmoud Mitwalli is close to dedicating Al-Ahly to progress in the result again, but his framed shot did not pose a great danger to goalkeeper Onyango.

Ring 59: Zouani heads a surprise ball outside the man, but Al-Shinnawi continues his rebellion against the Sun Downs attackers.

beginning of the second half

End of first half: Al-Ahly (1) – Sun Downs (1)

42 minutes: Omar Al-Sulaia and Alio Badji’s “philosophy” slow Al-Ahly from finishing the game in advance, after wasting a real chance in front of the goal very strange.

Ring 32: Vilakazi almost gave Sun Downs the goal of progression after a brilliant strike, but his head was not strong for the mistake of the awakened Shenawi.

Ring 26: Aim – Sun Downs quickly equaled thanks to his Uruguayan playmaker Sereno Rodriguez following his El Shennawi response.

Ring 21: Aim – Al-Ahly advanced with a precious goal after a brilliantly executed strike by the Tunisian Ali Maaloul was intercepted by Sun Downs defender Liebuhang Mapo and covered by goalkeeper Onyango.

Ring 5: Cernio carries out a brilliant strike against his solo Brazilian teammate, Nachimiento, and the latter clash with the distinction of El-Shenawi, who excelled in tackling.

Ring 1: The first offensive attempt by the landowner with a powerful shot by Zouani went high above Mohamed El Shennawi’s goal.

The beginning of the game

Sun Downs – Al-Ahly .. Team Formations


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