Sundowns: Ajayi caught the attention of Musimane


Al-Masry Khaled Ali, the media coordinator for the South African Sundowns Club, confirmed that the team’s chances of qualifying for the African Champions League semi-finals are still present despite the loss from Al-Ahly in the quarter-final go (2-0).

Ali said, in television statements to the channel “On Time Sports 2”: “The fortunes of the Sundowns are still there, there is still another way in South Africa, and in such situations we must forget the outcome of the first leg and focus on the return.”

He added: “The Sundowns team is on rest for three days. He traveled from Cairo on Sunday and returned to South Africa on Monday morning and did not train on Tuesday, and he will start his camp in preparation for the Al-Ahly confrontation starting on Wednesday.”

He explained: “Tickets for the match were put on the Internet and there will be a mass crowd in the confrontation with the stadium, which has a capacity of 25,000 spectators, there is media attention as well, especially since the Egyptian team matches receive great attention.”

He continued: “We will play Al-Ahly confrontation with the same list of players that went into the first leg, where the absence of Moreno and Alfonso continues due to injury, but the left-back will be ready for home after recovering from muscle pain.”

On the players who drew the attention of Sundowns coach Pitsu Musimani, from Al-Ahly, Khaled Ali replied: “Junior Ajay and Ali Maaloul, the coach expressed his admiration for their level very much, and certainly we will be happy in the absence of Maaloul.”

Ali Maaloul, owner of the two goals of Al-Ahly’s victory in the first leg, is subject to a mini-qualification program during the current period in order to prepare him for the return match against the Sundowns, after the Tunisian full back complained of a strain in the front muscle.

The Sundowns media coordinator concluded his statements by saying: “There is a follow-up to Al-Ahly’s training, the two teams have become an open book for each other, and the team with the best readiness will win.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Ahly will visit Sundownes in Pretoria next Saturday in the second leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals, at three oclock in the afternoon.


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