Super Koura reveals the secret of the 9 million in the departure of Mohamed Awad from Zamalek


Zamalek officials welcomed the departure Mohammed Awad The goalkeeper at the end of the season in light of the large amount that he receives inside the walls of the white castle, which is 9 million pounds, especially since the goalkeeper did not participate in the matches and sits on the bench “bench”.

White team officials believe that the amount Awad receives is very large at the time that Zamalek did not benefit from his technical services, and Carton, the technical manager of the white team, relies on the services of Abu Jabal.

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Super Koura revealed that the Egyptian club Zamalek had signed a new star to support the team during the upcoming summer transfers in the upcoming summer Mercato to make the most of the capabilities of the star who long sought to obtain his services within the interests of the white castle in the last time.

Zamalek’s urgent need to sign a right-back in the shadow of the contract leader Hazem Imam’s expiry at the end of the current season, and the failure of the rookie Ahmed Eid to sign any formal or professional contracts with Al-Abyad since the escalation was the main motive behind filling the gap in the Yemeni front of the team, especially in light of the Tunisian international Hamdi’s flight Al-Naqaz is in the last scene of the walls of the White Castle, in light of their mutual agreement, which continues until now, which means that the center is already vacant in two dead walls.

Kareem Al-Iraqi, the right back of the Egyptian Al-Busaidi club and the Olympic team, is the trump card and the new resounding deal in the corridors of the white castle, as he entered the circle of the team’s interests to include him, several months after the end of

Zamalek officials were able to obtain the player’s signature secretly after holding a session with him, according to which he moved to the Citadel of Mit Oqba during the current period, while officials from Al-Masry Al-Borsi club welcomed the completion of the deal, especially in light of his awareness of his material and moral rights.

Al-Masry officials agreed to transfer the Iraqi to white in January, according to

The green light for whether or not to complete the deal, especially that the Port Said club wants to end the deal by the end of the season after its completion has been postponed since this winter.

Karim El-Iraqi is considered one of the main elements in the Egyptian El-Port Said squad, which is also an active and important element in forming the Shawky Gharib Olympic Team, which was crowned recently by the African Nations U-23 Championship and of course qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics next summer.


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