Super Koura .. Zamalek relies on a “gap” in the case of Al-Niqaz


Zamalek officials rely on the gap of variance in the case of Tunisian Hamdi El-Nagaz, who left the white team, where officials of the White Castle wait for the next period in the case by the FIFA, after the player left the castle of Mit Oqba to join the league The Lithuanian, after obtaining an international card from FIFA, pending the settlement of the case.

To find out the details of the vulnerability on which Zamalek depends, click Next link.

Zamalek succeeded in achieving the Egyptian and African Super Championships at the expense of Al-Ahly and Al-Tarji of Tunisia, respectively, in addition to qualifying for the semi-finals of the African Champions League in the current version, after overcoming the obstacle of Tunisian Esperance in the quarter-finals.

Meanwhile, the Zamalek team will get a negative rest until the end of this month, according to the decision of French Patrice Carteron, Technical Director of White, who granted the team leave after sports activity stopped for 15 days, in a precautionary measure against the spread of the “Corona” virus, where he will return The team for training after the end of the negative rest period that may extend again to mid-April, after the Zamalek Club Board of Directors, headed by Mortada Mansour, also decided to close the White Club headquarters as a precaution measure in order to ensure the safety and health of the club members to prevent corona virus.

It is decided that Zamalek will face its Moroccan counterpart in the semi-finals of the African Champions League, and that the first leg will take place on the 1st and 2nd of next May in Morocco, while the return will take place in Egypt on one of the 8 and 9 of the same month, and the final match will be held in The African Championship in Cameroon on May 29, except that after the cessation of sporting activity in various countries of the world, Zamalek is waiting for the African Union’s decision on the match, its deadline and the complete position after suspending various activities due to avoiding the spread of Corona virus.


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