Swiss drug won Chinese approval to treat “corona” complications


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Swiss drug obtained Chinese approval to treat complications



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A few days ago, the Chinese authorities agreed to include Actemra, a treatment for arthritis, as a list of drugs that can be used to treat complications from the emerging “Corona” virus.

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Actemra, produced by the Swiss company “Roche”, is the brand name of Tocilizumab, which the National Health Commission of China has said can be used to treat emerging coronavirus patients suffering from lung damage due to increased interleukin protein.

Although Actemra was recommended by the manufacturer, no clinical trials have yet proven its effectiveness in treating emerging virus patients, and the drug has not received official approval from the National Administration of Chinese Medical Products for use in treating coronary patients.

Chinese researchers have been testing the drug as part of a 3-month clinical trial, and 188 HIV-positive people have been recruited to undergo a series of clinical trials that have already started on February 10 and will continue until May 10, 2020.

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