Taiwan announces manufacture of a drug to treat corona


The Corona virus continues to spread in the world as several countries step up efforts to develop a vaccine to treat the virus, scientifically known as Covid-19.

As part of these efforts, the DCB Biotechnology Development Center in Taiwan announced its success in developing the “favelaver” drug that may be used to treat infections with the Coronavirus.

The Center will work in the future with drug manufacturers to produce sufficient quantities of medicine to treat the largest number of patients.

The center’s director, Shuang Shih Hsien, said that the center focuses on the manufacture of the drug “favelavir”, which was developed by a Japanese pharmaceutical company and approved in Japan in March 2014, and used the drug mostly to treat influenza patients who do not respond to the drug “Tamiflu” and “Relenza Rotadisk”. “.

“Favelaver” was used in Japan and China to treat severe cases of Covid-19 infection, and the DCB team expects it to become an important drug in treating the disease.

“The center was able to manufacture the drug within four days after acquiring its ingredients, and now it aims to transfer manufacturing operations to local companies so that they can produce large quantities of it to fight the epidemic,” Herbert Wu, head of the Center for Biotechnology Development, told CNI.

It is reported that the Taiwan foreign minister accused China of waging an electronic war on the island to block its efforts to combat the Corona virus.

The reports, which the government of Taiwan quickly and vehemently denied, included allegations that the island was covering up the true number of cases it had and that ruling party members were a priority in obtaining gags.

Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said on Twitter that Chinese officials claim they are interested in the health of Taiwanese, “as if we had blood ties.”

“While Taiwan is facing the Covid 19 from Wuhan, their fighters on the Internet are waging a war to block our efforts. That is the effort to fight the epidemic in the Chinese way. I am speechless,” he added.

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