“Take care of your sister” … the saying of a friend that caused the death of “Dina” at the hands of


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Sunday 08 March 2020

Books – Saber Al-Mahlawi:

The world was darkened in the face of “Muhammad”, after one of his friends advised him to sit with his 3-year-old sister, “Sit with your sister and find out if her walk with the youngsters is wrong”, leave him, head towards the house, beat him, and leave the house, and after 20 days he returns again, He caught her neck, leaving him with only a dead body, and upon the completion of his crime, he went to the police station near him, and surrendered: “I killed my sister, my father.”

The perpetrator “Muhammad”, 26 years old, and the victim, “Dina”, (23 years old). They grew up among a simple family on the Alexandria Project Street in Helwan, and their school life stopped at the preparatory stage, after the death of the father and the mother’s illness, and from here the family moved in the uncle’s house, in the region. The daughter stayed at home serving her mother, and the son worked on a tuk tuk.

20 days before the incident, the murderer learned from a friend of his in the area that his younger sister had a bad reputation, “Let your sister in mind meet young men”, he went crazy, went towards his sister, grabbed her hand and violently with force. The sister revolted and a verbal dispute broke out between them, denying his speech, and he beat her, leaving the residence and absent for several days.

19 full days spent by the brother outside the house, but the whispers of Satan kept chasing him wherever he went, so the idea of ​​revenge took over him, and his main concern became ending the suspicion that turned into a mass of fire devouring his inner cavity.

Hourly chimes indicate ten oclock in the morning, silence is applied to the area, the movement of pedestrians is receding in the cold weather reaching frost, and Muhammed had a plan to kill his sister, after he heard the people of the area talking about her “heroic walking”, so he went on the edge of his feet to her bedroom, He grabbed a piece of cloth and strangled the victim from her neck, leaving only a dead body.

“Muhammad” sat next to the body of his sister for a few minutes, in astonishment mixed with sorrow and grief over what he had done, thinking about what to do, until he went to the police station, and gave himself up: “I killed my sister, my father, and the body at home.”

In front of estate No. (27), “Suleiman. N,” a neighbor, sat looking at the crime scene, whenever he had the opportunity, before he told Masrawy: “I have been here for years, and Muhammad, his sister and his mother are here for 10 years after what Their father died and sat at their uncle, and we lived what we had heard of something desperate for them. ”

“It was respectable. The morning was brought down to a driver on Tok Tok, and there was not much in the area, and there was no cigarette.” The old neighbor said before completing: “From him to his companion, who wore his sister, we said how many days before the crime he was strangling with his sister, and we could hear their voice.” .

On the day of the discovery of the crime, Hajja Khadija, one of the neighbors, said: “Muhammed Jeh al-Sabah and the Tuk Tuk parked him.

A force from the police station came and conducted investigations that led them to the details of the incident, and they discovered that the accused heard about his sister bad news that affected her reputation, so he did it, and was referred to the prosecutor who ordered his detention for 4 days pending investigations.

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