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Monday 16 March 2020

Books – Muhammad Ghayat:

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, held a press conference at the Prime Minister’s headquarters, in the presence of the ministers of tourism and antiquities, civil aviation, and the state for the media, in the framework of following up the measures taken by the state to confront the virus (Corona emerging Covid-19).

The Prime Minister started his speech at the conference, noting that the holding of this conference comes within the framework of following up and appreciating the global “Corona virus” crisis file, as an extension of the efforts and proactive measures taken by the state in this regard, indicating that activities were suspended, and the study was suspended for two weeks, pointing That the ministerial group responsible for following this crisis meets on a daily basis in the cabinet to discuss this crisis at the global and local levels, and to take the necessary decisions in light of the presidential directives to take all precautionary measures that guarantee the safety and lives of citizens from injury This virus.

The Prime Minister said: We found that this stage requires taking a number of other precautionary decisions to address the spread of this disease, and these measures were taken after studying and discussing them extensively, announcing that air traffic will be suspended in all Egyptian airports, starting from the afternoon of next Thursday, March 19. Until March 31, indicating that the last plane that will be allowed to fly will be at noon next Thursday, stressing that this measure aims to reduce direct mixing, whether from the tourist movement, or those coming to Egypt, or even those leaving at this stage, and for guests who are on Land of m T, will allow them to complete the tourist programs; until they leave the country according Toukatadthm.

The Prime Minister pointed out another decision that will be issued by the Council of Ministers later today within a few hours, which is to reduce the number of workers in government departments and agencies whose work is mainly administrative activities that do not affect the lives of citizens in a real or strategic way, with the aim of reducing confusion and friction between citizens Also, this decision excludes government interests in the strategic and basic services of the state.

The Prime Minister addressed the citizens, saying: All these proactive and precautionary measures that are taken in the light of following the repercussions of this disease worldwide in order to deal with this disease and to receive Egypt from this epidemic that has afflicted the citizens of many countries around us. The decisions also aim to preserve the lives and safety of citizens And there is no doubt that these measures have economic consequences and losses that the state bears with the same satisfaction in order to preserve the health of citizens, and the state makes every effort to be on the level of responsibility to protect the lives of all Egyptians.

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly added: I affirm here, as we take these measures from our side, within the framework of the responsibility that we have, that citizens must have the same responsibility as well; they must play the role required of them, and do not underestimate the preventive measures, and that the head of each family takes the necessary precautions to protect his family, And that we work as citizens to limit gatherings in the streets and public places, as it was warned of the negative effects of that, and of all the negative behaviors that could result in the spread of this disease.

The Prime Minister appealed to the masses of the Egyptian people to limit our practices and behaviors that expose them to infection with this virus, saying: A second, third and tenth time I appeal to you to take the issue seriously during this period, because despite the increasing numbers of infection to some extent, it is not the image found in many other countries.

The Prime Minister stressed that the state and citizens should bear responsibility together, to spare Egypt the increasing cases of infection in other countries with the image that we follow, which gives us an important indication, that we must reduce the numbers that can be infected or transmitted infection during the next stage.

The Prime Minister appealed to all Egyptian citizens to be on the level of responsibility, be fully aware of the situation, and deal with it with a great deal of commitment, and not to belittle it or underestimate it, so that this does not lead us to walks that we hope Egypt will not face, as we find in a large number of countries. .

The Prime Minister highlighted some of the behaviors revealed in the past days, which are represented in the call for the purchase of goods, noting that yesterday a large group of meetings were held with the Minister of Supply and state agencies, and contacts are also made with the armed forces and the Ministry of Interior, stressing that Egypt has a large balance Too many goods are sufficient for months to come, stressing at the same time not to be called to buy goods and food products, or to buy in a way that is wasteful, since there is complete coordination with all state agencies and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, and with all factories, thank God all goods are sufficient Consumption for several months Kiss, and don’t worry about that.

The Prime Minister also stressed that coordination has been made with the Minister of Interior and Supply to deal with the utmost severity and firmness with any type of practices that individuals may undertake in order to hide any goods or increase the prices of some of them, without any justification, because all goods are available.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister stressed that the period of two-week stoppage of air traffic will be used to give the opportunity for tourist facilities and hotels to take all measures for sterilization and disinfection so that we will be able, once the air traffic is back to normal, to receive our guests coming from anywhere to Egypt.

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly reiterated his message to the citizens that we should all be responsible and feel that there is a crisis worldwide, and that we should not underestimate or underestimate it, or imagine that it is far from us, “If we allow there is a disregard for this problem … it is possible, God forbid. This would lead to a bad situation for Egypt. “

He added: We make these decisions because the most important thing for us is not the material losses, but the lives and health of the Egyptians, “Our Lord, extradites and protects Egypt from all evil.” And I confirm that the government works on the heart of one man until God protects Egypt and protects us from the evil of the spread of this epidemic.

At the end of his speech at the press conference, the Prime Minister called on the citizens not to be drawn into the rumors that are being launched about the spread of the “Corona emerging” virus, reiterating that the state deals with the utmost transparency with this file, and we do not hide anything, by disturbing the issuance of official statements according to the latest The developments received daily, from the various authorities concerned, as well as holding press conferences to inform citizens of these developments.

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