Talaat Youssef: The Alexandria federation wants to permanently annex Rifaat and Razak Cisse from Zamalek


Talaat Youssef, coach of the first football team of Al-Ittihad of Alexandria club, confirmed that the Alexandrian club had requested the purchase of Ahmed Refaat and Razzak Cisse for good from Zamalek.

He explained Talaat Youssef In a phone call to the Number One program on Al-Nahar channel: “I hope that Rifaat and Sissi will continue in the federation, they are very useful to the team and I hope they will buy them forever.”

Talaat Youssef, the technical director of the Alexandrian Federation, imposed a special qualification program for the Alexandrian Federation players to abide by at home during the rest period that they obtained after the suspension of sports activity in Egypt until the end of this month.

It was Talaat Youssef He extended the period of rest for an additional week starting from today until the picture becomes clear about the return of the league or not due to the outbreak of Corona disease.

The Technical Director of the Federation is trying to impose a program on the players to implement it in homes for fear of being overweight, especially since the rest is long and some of them may gain weight.

Mohamed Moselhi, president of the Alexandria Union Club, announced that the club’s headquarters will be closed until the end of this month, in the context of precautionary measures and in compliance with the recommendations of the Council of Ministers to confront the spread of the new Corona virus and to reduce the mixing between members to preserve their health.

The Alexandria Union Board of Directors approved the request of the foreign Alexandrian Federation players to travel to their countries to check on their families and return again. After confirming the length of the rest period, the foreigners were allowed to travel. They are Razak Cisse, Okoy, Wilson, and Omar Al-Midani to their country, while Anis Salto the Libyan refused to leave and preferred to stay .


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