Tamer Hosni takes care of the expenses of 400 families. Look, who competed in challenging the good? Video


Advertise The star Tamer Hosny Accepting the challenge of the artist Amr Youssef within the framework of the invitation issued by a large number of stars to ensure the care of a number of families affected by the Corona virus and torrential diseases under the name “Challenge of Good”, where Tamer Hosni announced his acceptance of participating in the challenge, and that he will sponsor 400 affected families.

Tamer Hosni said, “Of course, I accept the invitation of my friend, the artist Amr Youssef, and by thanking him for the invitation, we all want people to sit in their homes because our Lord is preparing this ordeal for good, God willing, in Egypt, the Arab world and the whole world .. so we really need that all people sit at home.” .

“In people, you will be able to sit at home and in a loyal people to fill it daily … We are campaigning to keep you in mind … I, God willing, will sponsor 400 families … and any new ideas that will bring us together, God willing, will be with you in it … and a club to participate This is Ahmed Abu Hashima, Amr Adib, Muhammad Salah and Ahmed Al-Saqqa .. May Allah reward you with all good.

It is noteworthy that the star, Amr Youssef, had announced his acceptance of the challenge of Chico and the author Amir Toaima, in the framework of the call made by a large number of stars to sponsor a number of families affected by the Corona virus and torrents under the name “Challenge of Good”, stressing that it will sponsor 100 families next month..


Amr Youssef posted a video through his account on the “Instagram” website, saying that “sitting in the house is a very correct need because Corona is spreading, but sitting in the house is difficult for many people to eat their livelihood … I accept the challenge of Chico and Amir Tuaima and try to take care of 100 families this month and transfer the challenge to Yosra Tamer Hosni, Amir Karara, Asala and India Sabri.

It is reported that Saad Samir, defender of Al-Ahly Club, had said that the initiative launched by him and some players to help families that were affected by the torrents that witnessed Egypt in the past period, which will be affected by staying in the homes of daily craftsmen, is a duty and a natural feeling, and anyone who feels it Circumstances outside the control of everyone, thanks to those responsible for the decision taken by the government to protect citizens and Egypt, and that this challenge is a challenge in the good.

Saad Samir added, during a telephone interview with Wael El-Ibrashy, a media program on “The Ninth” broadcast on the Egyptian Channel 1, that there are many stars participating in the campaign, and the aid has exceeded 1000 families, and there are families who will continue to help for a month, and there are players who have provided assistance for 3 months , Where a section was allocated to hospitals that treat the virus, and there are aid offered to people affected by the torrents, and there are players who decided to communicate with the Resala Association, which collects donations, and there are others who preferred to give him the amounts that they will donate to the initiative.

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