“Tamim Corona injury” tops Twitter


The hashtag # Mubasher_Qatar_Injury_Tamim_Koruna, social networking site “Twitter” today, Wednesday, after the news that circulated regarding the infection of the Emir of Qatar with the emerging corona virus.

A large number of activists interacted with the hashtag. “Mubasher Qatar” said in a video on YouTube and Twitter that Prince Tamim was bedridden 3 days ago and showed symptoms that are very similar to the symptoms of the Corona virus, as he suffers from a high temperature, and is supervised by a number of specialized doctors, One of them confirmed that they are symptoms similar to Corona virus.

Sources said, according to the channel, that these symptoms appeared on Prince Tamim after receiving an American from Italy, who appeared to have been infected with the virus.

This coincides with the Doha announcement that the number of people infected with the Coronavirus has increased to 8 confirmed infections, while doubts surround official figures, especially in light of reports of the spread of the virus at Hamad bin Khalifa University in Doha and the infection of at least two students with the virus, which sparked the panic and discontent of Qataris, after Doha refused to take pre-emptive measures after the outbreak of the virus in countries with which Qatar has close ties, headed by Iran, and Doha refused to restrict exchange with it.

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